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Emerson's Coffee & Tea

a bean emporium

cuban espresso roast


Truly Great Coffee

Emerson's is the oldest and best coffee house in Hickory, (heck, in western NC)! Folks come to Valley Hills Mall from all over just to treat themselves to the best, freshest, largest selection of beans available around.

Our emporium means you will have 30 bins to choose artisan, small craft fresh roasted beans from all over the world. Our profiles include smooth to stout and a full range between. We proudly offer organics, fair trade, and our swiss water process decaf means cleaner coffee if you're caffeine-dieting.


It's not uncommon to meet a 2nd generation Emerson's customer introducing us to their children and hearing "your grandma brought me here when I was little."   Our mission is simple. We want you to feel welcome when you arrive and special when you leave with the very best coffee, espresso drink, smoothie or frappe you've experienced.  Ever.  Our team is consistent and friendly. No coffee snobs here. Ask questions. We don't mind.

Pour-over Coffee 


We are gearing up for more alternative brew methods so watch out for new goodies coming soon.


Our Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower is a beautiful centerpiece of Emerson's. We bottle cold brew for sale in a ready-to-drink or concentrate form.  Either way, the caffeine in this method packs a punch!


We can make a chemex from our wide selection of coffees upon request. We're happy to serve you whatever you're looking for in the cup.

Our roasters are skilled at their craft. If you have a favorite region we don't carry, please let us know. We can special order most any bean.

pourover coffee
fresh roasted coffee beans
Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Coffee is considered a luxury good. It's not something you need for your survival, like say, food. We consume for pleasure. Demanding good treatment of coffee farmers is the right thing to do.  Whether farmers are being paid and treated fairly is what the buyers consider when trading and certifying coffees. 


The coffee industry is mainly dominated by large multinational companies who supply cheap, generic products at your local grocery market. Specialty coffee roasters make up a small percentage of the industry and are intimately involved in the entire coffee cycle, from farming to processing to roasting. Quality. Raising industry standards to improve your understanding of what's involved in getting the coffee from farm to cup is their goal. It assures you that the one you choose is ethically grown and processed.

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